This survey is part of the Digital Workplace Maturity Assessment Tool, which helps IT leaders assess maturity and align with their organization's ambitions for the digital workplace. Survey respondents receive a report identifying areas of greater or lesser maturity to help plan for digital transformation initiatives in the future.

If you have not read the originating research note Enhance Maturity and Improve Investment Prioritization Using Gartner’s Digital Workplace Maturity Model, please do so before taking this assessment.

It should take 15-30 minutes to answer the questions across 8 pages. This first page includes general questions about you and your organization. This data will allow us to analyze your responses and establish as baseline of comparison with other responses. Gartner recommends reassessing every 6-12 months to track progress.

Privacy Policy: Gartner and its affiliates may use information disclosed through this survey (collectively “Research Data”) for validation, research and benchmarking purposes. Unless otherwise specified prior to collection, Research Data will be disclosed in the aggregate and presented in anonymous form and will not include (directly or by inference) any information identifying participating organizations or any identifiable individual as the source of such data. Access to Research Data will be restricted to those individuals who need such access to deliver Gartner services.

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