Infosavvy individuals are those who understand the unique economic characteristics of information. Infosavvy organizations are those that develop and harness these unique characteristics.

This simple, quick and confidential diagnostic tool will help you begin to understand you and your organization’s strengths and gaps, and provide basic guidance on how to take it to the next level. Don’t worry, there are no “right answers” — only fair, good, better and best responses based on the core principles and best practices found in the book, Infonomics.

After completing the assessment, your report will be generated and immediately available for you to download. Feel free to invite your colleagues to take the assessment, and maybe even compare your results!

So let’s find out... Are you an “infogenius” or an “infosavant?" Or perhaps you’re more “infonaive” or “infotypical?" Or somewhere in between? And just how infosavvy is your organization? Your best guesses and honest answers will reveal the most insights.

Note: For individuals in large, global or conglomerate organizations, feel free to answer questions for your particular company, agency or major business unit. Consultants, feel free to consider either your own company or answer the demographic and organization-oriented questions with a particular client in mind.

Privacy and confidentiality notice: The personal and company/organization information and answers you share will not be disclosed publicly nor to any third party, but Gartner may publish summarized and anonymized results. If you wish, you may contact Gartner at any time to have your data from this assessment permanently deleted from our systems.