This online survey allows you to evaluate the maturity level of your public service. It uses the Interoperability Maturity Model (IMM) which provides public administrations insight into two key aspects of their interoperability performance:
  • The current interoperability maturity level of a Public Service
  • Improvement priorities to reach the next level of interoperability maturity
The survey

The survey targets owners of digital public services as well as those who has supported its implementation such as enterprise architects and contractors. It can be filled in individually or during a workshop.

Designed as a self-assessment tool, the IMM assessment survey is a set of questions designed to evaluate key interoperability aspects of a public service. Such insight results in personalised, confidential feedback and recommendations how a service can improve.

The IMM is designed to take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. After filling in the questionnaire a report will be generated with the interoperability scores plus recommendations how to further improve your public service.


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For detailed information about the IMM survey, please download the following documents: IMM Questionnaire, Recommendations and Guideline
Specific Privacy Statement
The Specific Privacy Statement related to this questionnaire can be found here.Note that your results will be treated confidentially, will not be made public and will not be shared with others.