Most organizations know they must become more adept at using the technologies of the digital age to transform their enterprises and remain competitive. But digital business transformation doesn’t just disrupt markets, it disrupts tried-and-true management behaviors as well. Our research on how to take digital to the core identified the leadership behaviors common to the best digital business leaders.

This simple and quick diagnostic assessment tool will help C-Level leaders like you reflect on the kinds of behavior changes you may need to ensure your leadership style is fit for digital business.

First we will ask just three questions to assess the likely scale of the digital business capability change your organization still needs to make.

Then we will ask a short series of questions about your current personal leadership style and preferences.

The tool will assess what kinds of leadership behaviors the enterprise needs, and how you should adapt your own leadership personas to drive it.

At the end you will be presented with a short report, suggesting ideas for developing the right leadership personas in yourself.

This assessment tool is based on the research book Digital to the Core.